Update and adjustment on my Olympia Traveller.

I was able to determine what adjustment was required for the fading of the top of my uppercase letters, the fading was only during the engagement of the shift-lock lever which caused the carriage to sit slightly lower than the full up position when using the manual shift lever.

The required adjustment sits at the back of the keyboard where the shift and shift-lock levers reach into the main assembly, it is done by loosening the two lower screws in these photos and re-positioning the metal plate behind them.

I also cleaned the type-slugs and updated my type sample now before and after…




4 Replies to “Update and adjustment on my Olympia Traveller.”

  1. Hello! I have a question relating to the Olympia Traveller. I recently purchased one that was supposed to be in working condition. When I tried to type with it, I found that the keys would not strike the page. In fact, none of the keys would move past a certain way to strike the page. It almost feels as if the keys are locked–like there’s some sort of locking mechanism in place preventing them from striking the page. Is there any such locking mechanism on this particular typewriter? Is there anything that I should be doing in order to remedy the issue? Thanks!


    1. Hi Christian thanks for the question!
      As far as I know about this typewriter there is no locking mechanism. Now all the typebar linkages hinge on two common bars that run across your typewriter, one upper and one lower, it may be possible that the lower one could be seizing up perhaps due to over lubricating over the years, thus your typewriter may need to be cleaned properly. There is one other possibility and that is if this is your first time using a typewriter, typing on a typewriter is much different than on a computer, you have to strike the keys rapidly in order to get enough force to have an impression on the paper, that will vary with every typewriter because they all have their own unique characteristics.
      Please let me know if that helps.


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