One of my typers to venture off for the weekend :(

Someone at work wants to try out the typing experience so I obliged to lend one from my collection…please take care.  Who knows maybe we’ll gain another revolutionist.

Scan 23.jpeg


5 Replies to “One of my typers to venture off for the weekend :(”

  1. Consider too the magic of typewriters. When I was looking for my first, I hunted high and low and far away. Eventually the Quiet-Riter found me. Now their are seven.

    Your loan to a friend will start the flow in his direction. Soon, your typer will return home and your co-worker will be lending one of his to a friend. So moves the insurgence. We are the future of communication.

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    1. I literally only had a couple of minutes at the end of the shift to run into him and show him the typewriter. He was very impressed with it and is looking forward to using it tomorrow. I’d say there’s a good chance it grows on him.

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