Slow motion typing

So this morning I rush out of the house only to get to work ONE HOUR EARLY! I have to kill time in the lunchroom and we’ll I never brought a typewriter with me.

So since I am unable to compose a true typecast, I will instead share a recently posted YouTube video I created in which I recorded myself typing in slow motion. I discovered two interesting phenomenons, first was the unique action of each individual typewriter and the other was how inefficient my typing was on early takes (which I did not include in the video) so I was able to refine my technique.

I hope you enjoy this brief production and perhaps you will find it useful for your own experiences as well.


3 Replies to “Slow motion typing”

  1. I’m viewing this on my phone as we lost power here in Portland almost 24 hours ago (some around here have been without power for four days now). At any rate, I just wanted to say that I’m glad to see an activity update on your blog and will check out the video after power has been restored here. I need to jump off of the phone, but wanted to add a note lobbying for another installation of confessions of a postal carrier! Take care,


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