Update and adjustment on my Olympia Traveller.

I was able to determine what adjustment was required for the fading of the top of my uppercase letters, the fading was only during the engagement of the shift-lock lever which caused the carriage to sit slightly lower than the full up position when using the manual shift lever.

The required adjustment sits at the back of the keyboard where the shift and shift-lock levers reach into the main assembly, it is done by loosening the two lower screws in these photos and re-positioning the metal plate behind them.

I also cleaned the type-slugs and updated my type sample now before and after…



Introducing my first Olympia typewriter!



Purchased from Value Village for $14.99+tax.  I gave the entire outer body and shell a good wash with dish soap and water, looks great!  Replaced the ribbon and had to adjust the vibrator which was slightly bent causing it to delay getting back in to its resting position between typing letters.  Types 12 characters per inch, great alignment.

I have to figure out how to adjust the carriage setting for the uppercase letters which are fading on the top, anyone with advise please let me know.

Coooool Looking Machine!  Or as we use to say in the 70’s…Groovy.

Getting to know my Smith Corona Electric SL 105

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Smith Corona SL 105.jpg

Here is the print out demonstration from the typewriter, When I said it speaks to me I really meant to say that it types but that goes without saying.

You’ll notice that I had to adjust the ribbon cartridge after a correction while the demonstration was going on in the middle of the following page.

All in all, it’s pretty cool…

Demo sheet.jpg

Hmmm, maybe I’ll give a salesperson a call.