An Italian Story

AN ITALIAN STORY So this past week I made a seemingly rare typewriter purchase, an Italian built Carlton which is a Hermes under a different name, the Baby to be exact from somewhere between 1962 & 1968. There is little information on the internet regarding this particular brand and the serial numbers are not catalogued …


Catching the moment

I have the time to type out a post this morning but not enough to digitally transcribe it so I apologize or that, especially considering that I did so using an elite faced machine so again I apologize if you need squinting to read it.

Slow motion typing

So this morning I rush out of the house only to get to work ONE HOUR EARLY! I have to kill time in the lunchroom and we’ll I never brought a typewriter with me. So since I am unable to compose a true typecast, I will instead share a recently posted YouTube video I created …