And just like that, winter is over.

Well according to the calendar spring is actually only 9 days away but I beg to differ and I have the video to back it up. My work day began just like any other seasonally speaking, I started out my mail deliveries at 10:30am wearing a light windbreaker but it wasn’t too long after that when I eventually shed down to the short sleeve shit that I had underneath…before you finish painting that mental picture, I was also fully clothed from the waist down. I believe the temperature topped out around 10 degrees celcius, coupled with the little to no wind of significance it was no wonder that my body heat needed to vent while I walked over 11 kilometres in a span of 4 hours, it was extremely comfortable to work in.

So that was fun but after getting home from work later in the afternoon it got even more fun! I had a quick bite to eat, fed the dog and then made my way to the garage to where the scooter had been waiting since November for a proper ride around town. Just a couple of observations from my brief journey, first was that the rushing wind on the bike was not a factor whatsoever, second was that I did not see anyone else on any two wheeled vehicles taking advantage of the awesome weather. I took some video with my helmet cam, the youtube link is below…I hope you enjoy!

5 Replies to “And just like that, winter is over.”

  1. Nice ride. I remember those days. Road wet with melt off and the berms from the snow plow that will likely linger until April. Barring any arctic surprises, it looks like you’re on your way to a sleeveless spring.

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    1. Yes the roads will be wet for a few weeks. Good thing my bike is only 50cc so I’m not that worried about twisting the throttle so much that I spin off the road. I can’t wait for that spring soil smell to explode once snow melts off.

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  2. The first 2-wheeled outing of spring is always worthy of celebration! By the way John, your scooter made for a fine grab ‘n go mail pickup vehicle! I used to commute via motorcycle year-round here in Oregon, but there were definitely plenty of days in the winter when that just wasn’t happening. My favorite time of the year to ride (and in general) is the autumn. That said, you can’t beat the celebratory nature of the 1st nice spring ride.

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    1. I use to get around on a mountain bike year round back in the 90’s but a scooter would be more challenging I think.


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